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I Need A Job (or None Need Apply)

Sean Sandulak    Objective I am currently looking for a position where I don’t have to do a lot but still get paid tons of money for it. Tons of money! Like board of directors. Or SEO consultant. But

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I Redefine The Phrase Puppy Muffins (or Get Behind Me, Satan)

So, a nun cut in front of me in line at the pharmacy today. That sounds like the start of a bad joke. And I guess in a way it is. The only way it would be funnier is if

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Anatomy of Customer Service (or Do You Want My Money or Not?)

Based on a true story. Apply for new credit card. Get accepted for new credit card. Wait for new credit card. Wait longer for new credit card. Get a letter that tells me to go to post office to get

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I Know You’re My Friend But I Don’t Like You (or Adventures In Facebooking)

So, after avoiding it for many years, I finally caved and started a Facebook account. I’ve always been more of a Twitter guy. I like the brevity and simplicity of it. Facebook always seemed more like your parents’ social media.

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Let Me Be The First To Say Humbug (or Nine Ways To Cook Reindeer)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) I am hiding from Christmas. So far I’ve managed not to hear any Christmas music this year, but mostly because I haven’t left the house. I used to work in retail, so I’ve gotten a lifetime dose

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This month’s winner of my constantly changing name award is Sharon Hill. Congratulations to her and Happy Thanksgiving to the US people out there. You can see previous winners on my Usual Suspects page.

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Decisions, Decisions (or Insert Humorous Subtitle Here)

I’ve got a choice to make. Well a few choices, actually. And I don’t mean what to have for breakfast. Things that involve money and feelings and where I want my life to go decisions. Like do I want a

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Have You Given Up On NaNoWriMo Yet? (or It’s All Downhill From Here)

It’s a more than halfway through the month of November, and the NaNoWriMo weak have fallen by the wayside. If you are one of the dedicated few who have stuck it out this far, I salute you. I don’t think

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Somebody Disagree With Me (or Wish Me A Merry Christmas, I Dare You)

I am a complete and total failure as a blogger. Here I am, eagerly set to engage a willing audience in a lively debate, and you all have to go and agree with everything I say. Maybe I should talk

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Noisy Neighbour Update (or I’ll Blow Your House Down)

I’ll make this one short and sweet because I know you’ve got better things to do this weekend than reading my blog. I’ve been a little busy to this week what with being Freshly Pressed and all. (Humblebrag) So, now

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