A New Zookeeper’s Dilemma Scene and Some Thoughts on Inkshares

Vaginal Fantasy TogetherIt’s Monday, so as promised here’s a new scene from the book. This is the first appearance Felicia, Kiala, Bonnie, and Veronica. I think I’ve captured their voices pretty well. There’s also a few little Easter eggs in there for regular Vaginal Fantasy viewers.

Again, thank you for your support of this novel. If you haven’t already, please follow, recommend and share this project with your networks. I need your help to make this happen.

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I want to talk for a minute about Inkshares and why you should check it out. (Full disclosure: I currently have a campaign running on the site.)


Inkshares isn’t just another crowd funding website. They’re a publisher who uses crowd sourcing to select which projects will be produced. Basically, they’ve replaced the slush pile with a poll where you vote with your dollars. This lets you decide which books are worth publishing instead of some anonymous editor.

It also means that when your campaign is successful, you’re not just handed a pile of cash, and it’s expected for you to do all the work of publishing and marketing. Once you reach your funding goal, Inkshares provides all the services of a regular imprint from cover art to distribution.


Inkshares isn’t just for writers, but readers as well. You can earn credits to get free books just for doing referrals and backing certain projects. You get five dollars just for your free registration. That’s half the price of an ebook right there. I’ve earned  fifty dollars to spend on books without even trying.

It’s also a great place to find new authors and great new books to read. And unlike the horde of self-published titles on Amazon, you can be sure that Inkshares books are professionally produced to the highest quality standards.

Names you know like Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, and The Sword & Laser have all sponsored contests there. Inkshares is definitely the place to check out and support the best new writers, not just in genre fiction, but across the board.

Do yourself a favor and visit Inkshares today.

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