Unremarkable & Other Stories

Book One of the Universe Series

Unremarkable & Other Stories cover artStrange things are happening, but no one wants to talk about them. Whether it’s the tales of people with extraordinary abilities, or the rumors of a secret government organization established to hunt them down, few can deny that the world has become a strange and sometimes frightening place.

In the middle of it all, a few individuals try to make sense of the mystery and hunt down clues to its origin, while others can only try to deal with the consequences.

This collection is part one of a serialized short story series I began in 2012. Each story is intended to work as a stand alone tale, but also form a part of a larger narrative. Consequently, in many of the stories, there are clues and exposition that give you insight into what is happening in the other stories in the shared universe. As it is only part one, there will be unanswered questions.


Price FREE  ($0.99 on Amazon)
Length 84,000 words
ISBN 978-0-9936982-1-7

Available at:

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Amazon Kindle
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Read Online

Title Page/Legal/Forward 1
Uncomplicated 4
Unnoticed 32
Unremarkable 49
Unscathed 79
Unwound 88
Unimaginable 93
Unhealthy 115
Unapologetic 123
Unmovable 133
Untold 141
Unchanged 154
Unspoken 167
Unmistakable 175
Unflattering 185
Unreal 203
Untouched 221

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Unremarkable & Other Stories cover art

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