Achievement Unlocked: Freshly Pressed (or The Wil Wheaton Bump)

Sean Sandulak Verbatim Gibberish Freshly Pressed
I have proof!

I said I would do it and it’s finally happened. I done gone and got Freshly Pressed y’all! (I don’t know why I’m talking like that. I’m still a little dizzy.) And it only took eight weeks.

That’s right. It was less than two months ago when I set out upon my epic journey (sat in comfy chair) and began in earnest to capture the hearts and minds of the blog-reading public (kept doing same stupid posts). Now I have reached the pinnacle of blogginess. I am a master of the written word. All bow down before me and weep! Bwahaha!

Okay, maybe not. But it’s still pretty cool.

Not satisfied with my Twitter account, Wil Wheaton has swallowed my blog whole. Since this morning, my “best day” has been trampled six times over. After all this time, I’ve finally figured out that I should be writing about what other people find interesting, and not just amusing myself. I am henceforth going to be dedicating my blog entirely to celebrity vomit jokes. As soon as I think of one.

Wil Wheaton Jazz Hands Sean Sandulak Verbatim Gibberish
Jazz Hands

Ah, but success is fleeting. As I watch my little square slowly drift down to the bottom of the page, I wonder was it worth all the sacrifice (missed nap) just for the sake of my art? (Art?! Hahahahaha…good one.) Will I ever feel the same way about another post as I feel about this one? Sure I got some new followers and a momentary sense of accomplishment (like you get when you remember to eat your fibre), but in the end, was it worth it?


Also, hello new people. Are you regretting your decision to follow me yet?

Crazed recluse and sociophobe who has taken up writing after failing at everything else. Send pizza.

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8 comments on “Achievement Unlocked: Freshly Pressed (or The Wil Wheaton Bump)
  1. vyvacious says:

    Not regretting my decision yet because I haven’t followed you yet 😉 I try to read my standard 3 posts before following 😛

    Only 8 weeks though? Damn. That’s awesome!!


  2. jenniewho says:

    I got my bump from linking to his blog; unfortunately I did it on my second entry so I didn’t really get any followers as a result; I’m going to have to plan better next time. 😉


    • jenniewho says:

      Huh… I need a period somewhere in the sentence above and fewer semi-colons. I also need more caffeine as I find it tends to aid in proper punctuation usage.


  3. A very heartfelt congratulations on a very deserved accolade. From an old follower 😉


  4. Nicely done Sean… Now to earn the badge twice?


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