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Crickets (Halloween Flash Fiction)

I posted a piece of horror flash fiction on my other blog for Halloween. I hope you enjoy it.

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Halloween Is Not Happy For Everyone (or Just Hand Over The Candy)

[Today features a guest post by Thomas Cat. Take it away Tom.] First off, I’d like to thank Sean for letting me hijack the blog for a day. Normally, I mind my own business, unless it involves fish-flavoured food or a

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October Blogger Award

This month’s blogger award is *drumroll* “The Glass Is Always Half Full Award” and is presented to Tammy at Laughing at Everyday Life for always being upbeat without being really annoying about it. Congratulations Tammy. Here’s some funny just for

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Children Should Be Seen And Not Herd (or Feeding Time At The Zoo)

I can’t even get a date, so I’m the last person in the world to give parenting advice. I probably know more about nuclear physics than I do kids. What I do know is they are often loud and usually

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One Sigma Certainty (or Don’t Be That Guy)

If you get it, it’s awesome. So, you’ve probably heard of the ninety-nine per cent and the one percent, but have you ever heard of the 68.2689492%. I didn’t think so. Now, before you run away screaming, thinking I’m going

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Shut Up Already (or Things That Seem Important To You, But Really Aren’t)

Okay, I’m really busy (wasting time), but I promised myself I would post at least three times a week. So at the risk of being snarky, I’ll leave you with this list, because nobody reads blog posts on Friday/Saturday any

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Using Colorful Language (or Did You See What I Did There?)

Language isn’t always black and white. Indeed, some maroon can leave you red in the face with his linguistic abuses. Maybe a trip to Magenta would help get you back in the pink. Or maybe Burnt Orange Tailgating is more

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Do You Mind? (or Listen To The Words That Are Coming Out Of My Mouth)

Modern Etiquette for the Socially Challenged Part Three How many times in your life have you had this conversation?  Do you mind if I sit here? Yes. Yes, I can; or yes, you mind? I have to know; why is

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Too Much of a Good Thing (or Internet Dreams and Social Media Nightnares)

I live in a state of dread. I’m distracted and I can’t get any work done. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night with chills. Other times, I can’t get to sleep at all. What has got

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I Must Be A Hipster (or How To Write A Good Blog)

Only really cool people like you read this blog. At least that’s what I tell myself. Every now and then, I’ll be reading someone else’s blog and they’ll let us peek behind the curtain and see how many views or

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