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Thaw (Part Three)

Part One Still looking for a way out, he hurried up the tunnel. It sloped noticeably upwards now, so much so that Jason often had a hard time finding his footing on the slick surface of the ice. He struggled

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Thaw (Part Two)

Part One At first, he thought that it was a bear. It had the animal’s size and musculature, as well as the thick, brown coat, but its head looked more like a crocodile’s mouth full of jagged teeth. It hissed

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Thaw (Part One)

Jason Plummer steered the rover blindly though constant blowing snow that blanketed the planet. Having to drive by instruments alone was always treacherous on the broken and uneven surface. Outside, it was the kind of global storm you can only

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Are 5 star rating systems useless?

I posted this in a thread in the Sword and Laser Goodreads forums, but I was curious what WordPress people thought about it. Have you ever noticed that when you check the rating for a book on Goodreads, it will

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Sign Up for Beta Readers Club

Originally posted on Foil & Phaser:
WANTED: Beta Readers and Novel Writers Based on your response to our polls, we’ve decided to go ahead with a trial run of our Beta Readers Club. If you are a voracious reader with…

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I was forced to write my first rejection letter today. I think I nailed it.

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Accepting Applications for Authors

Foil & Phaser is now accepting applications for volunteer science fiction and fantasy authors. Please check out both the Site Guidelines and the Terms of Use before applying. If you have any questions or concerns about those two documents, please

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Foil & Phaser Community Blog is Online

Hey everybody. I know I’ve been quiet but that’s because I’ve spent a lot of time setting up the other blog I talked about earlier. This is just a note to let you know that the beta version is now

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Sword & Laser Community Blog

To all the writers (and readers) out there, If you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy, you have already heard of the Sword & Laser book club, podcast, and [now cancelled] Geek & Sundry show. If not, stop reading

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WARNING: This post is tl;dr and contains much snarkiness and nerdiness. I have used both the website and the app for a while now, mostly when I want a quick second opinion about a definition, and I am not

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