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Shut Up Already (or Things That Seem Important To You, But Really Aren’t)

Okay, I’m really busy (wasting time), but I promised myself I would post at least three times a week. So at the risk of being snarky, I’ll leave you with this list, because nobody reads blog posts on Friday/Saturday any

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Modern Etiquette for the Socially Challenged Part One

(or What’s Behind Door Number One?) Is it just me or are people getting more rude? Now I’m not talking about you garden variety pedants who correct your grammar or the guy at the back of the line who jumps

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Romance in the Modern Age (or Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places)

So break out the wine and the Barry White, it’s time to talk romance. No, this isn’t a discussion about smutty books, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m talking about connecting with real people here. There has been

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