Noisy Neighbour Update (or I’ll Blow Your House Down)

I’ll make this one short and sweet because I know you’ve got better things to do this weekend than reading my blog. I’ve been a little busy to this week what with being Freshly Pressed and all. (Humblebrag) So, now that the dust has settled what’s the verdict? Well, I got about forty new followers on this blog and maybe fifteen on the other, so all in all, a good week. (I will try and check out your blogs next week, but I already follow too many people to read them all already, so if I don’t follow back it’s not because you suck.) I also got about 1500 extra hits, so that was nice.

Sean Sandulak Verbatim Gibberish Freshly Pressed
Can you guess on which day I got Freshly Pressed?


I don’t know if I’d want that level of attention on a regular basis without a paycheck, mind you. Having a successful blog could easily become a full-time job. I’m kind of glad things are starting to smooth out again. I’ll be glad for the peace and quiet.

At least I would be if it weren’t for the neighbours. Things were really bad for a while with the crazy vacuum lady who lives upstairs, and I thought maybe I was going to lose it. But then suddenly everything got quiet. I thought maybe she had sucked herself up in some kind of Hoover ouroboris, but it turns out she’s moved out. Yay!

Sean Sandulak Verbatim Gibberish ouroborus
Ouroborus photo by Leo Reynolds on Flickr

My reprieve was short lived as the new tenants soon arrived. They are apparently a family with one child. He plays tympani with the symphony, and her job is apparently TALKING REALLY LOUDLY ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT! Their child’s hobbies include running around, jumping off of things, and slamming into walls.

Now when I say the neighbours make noise, keep in mind this is not some wooden shanty with paper thin walls. I live in one of those cinder block monstrosities that was built by the third little pig. It takes quite a lot of force to shake the pictures on the wall.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about them so much; it only seems to make things worse. The next one will set off firecrackers at random intervals and have a pet hippopotamus.

Maybe I’ll move out and go and live somewhere quiet. Like under a bridge.

Sean Sandulak Verbatim Gibberish Troll Bridge
Troll bridge. Pay troll.

Also, hello new people. Remember you get what you pay for and this is free.

Crazed recluse and sociophobe who has taken up writing after failing at everything else. Send pizza.

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  1. Nice work on the freshly pressed again Sean. Ya definitely deserved it.


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