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Foil & Phaser Community Blog is Online

Hey everybody. I know I’ve been quiet but that’s because I’ve spent a lot of time setting up the other blog I talked about earlier. This is just a note to let you know that the beta version is now

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Sword & Laser Community Blog

To all the writers (and readers) out there, If you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy, you have already heard of the Sword & Laser book club, podcast, and [now cancelled] Geek & Sundry show. If not, stop reading

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Xboner Outrage (or Eat Your Virtual Vegetables)

Recently Xbox finally revealed their next generation gaming platform to a ranting chorus of dismay from gamers everywhere. First of all, it was less of a reveal and more of a tease. The presentation itself had the feel of corporate

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Unkind, Part Two

The beginning of this story… Devlin (continued) “Don’t move,” said Devlin. “I’m not going to hurt you.” She had her hair cut short, and she wore a dirty baseball cap and baggy clothes. It was no wonder that he had

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Originally posted on 1 Story A Week:
Drawn window shades, the husky voice of Ray Lamontagne seeping through the speakers, and hushed conversations gave the coffee shop the feel of dusk even though there were still a few hours left of…

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You’re Going to Have To Do Better Than That

 If you’re like me, sometimes it can be a little hard to get motivated. All too often this: can feel like this: But then I got to thinking that maybe it’s not me, it’s them. There’s  a whole segment of

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I Dream of Jedi (or Follow You Follow Me)

So, I had this dream last night where it was West Side Story, but all the characters were from Star Wars. Instead of the Jets and Sharks, it was the Jedi versus the Stormtroopers, Han was wandering through Spanish Harlem

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Happy Mother’s Day: Geek Dream Card

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Why Does iTunes Suck So Bad?

In today’s disposable culture, you’ve all had the experience of a product or service that doesn’t live up to expectations (especially of you’ve ever flown United). It may be because the economy is bad and they’re forced to run on

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Unkind, Part One

Devlin The street was full of people, all hurrying to get somewhere. No one noticed a young man leaning against a wall minding his own business, but he saw everyone who walked by. He gauged and judged each one in

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