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Depression, Anxiety & Your Diet


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A Shift in the World, Part One

Originally posted on Foil & Phaser:
by Heather Baver Evenings, after dinner time, were the worst. Most of the retirement community was “plugged in” in the lounge. An electronic bingo game was in progress in the back corner. A tall,…

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Divide and Conquer: Now The Stories Can Be Told

Originally posted on Foil & Phaser:
The collection of short stories that will be showcased on this blog in the next few weeks are the product of a Foil & Phaser workshop. The project, titled Divide and Conquer, consisted of a…

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One Page at a Time: The Cellar Door, Page 3

Originally posted on Foil & Phaser:
This is a collaborative story in which you write the next page of the story. Fill out the form below and I’ll publish the best response each week. Please send in page 4 by…

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Originally posted on 1 Story A Week:
Drawn window shades, the husky voice of Ray Lamontagne seeping through the speakers, and hushed conversations gave the coffee shop the feel of dusk even though there were still a few hours left of…

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Happy Mother’s Day: Geek Dream Card

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No Future for Futurama

The on again off again cartoon is now off again with the “final” episodes airing this summer. This show was always a favourite of mine since its beginning and I’ll miss it.  It has a self-deprecating humour and tons of

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Originally posted on Vyvacious:
I love the internet, don’t you?  Otherwise, this little gem would only be shared with other horrified teachers and shamed parents…and not with all of you folks 😛 Such a beauty, ain’t it?  Bitch…beach…it’s all the…

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Originally posted on Evil Squirrel's Nest:
I just realized I forgot to do my blog award for December, because, you know, Christmas and all that jazz. So without further ado, here is last month’s winner. The You’re Nuts If You Don’t Read This Award goes to

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