One Page at a Time: The Cellar Door, Page 3

This is just something to keep you busy while I’m editing stories. Feel free to join in if you fancy yourself a writer. I will be launching another collaboration and a workshop soon so subscribe!

Foil & Phaser

This is a collaborative story in which you write the next page of the story. Fill out the form below and I’ll publish the best response each week. Please send in page 4 by SUNDAY JUNE 30th at 7pm ET

Page 1 by Sean Sandulak

Gillian pulled another plate from the cardboard box and frowned at the chip and crack along its edge. This was the third thing that was broken and she’d barely even begun to unpack. She hoped it would be the last time that she would have to move for a long time. It was as hard on her and the kids as it was on the dishes.

Thinking about her son and daughter made her realize that the house had become too quiet. She dropped the plate into the soapy water in the sink and called out, “Tom! Where is your sister?” When there was no…

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