A Shift in the World, Part One

Foil & Phaser

by Heather Baver

Evenings, after dinner time, were the worst. Most of the retirement community was “plugged in” in the lounge. An electronic bingo game was in progress in the back corner. A tall, silver-haired man presided, his wife by his side. Two rows of boisterous participants hunched over their screens, knobby fingers sweeping to mark the board each time a letter and number combination was called.

Anna paced the lounge, sneakers softly padding the carpet. Hush, hush. The tennis balls on the back of her walker whispered against the short-pile carpet. Her left leg dragged behind every few steps, making its own protest. She frowned down at it as though it were a naughty child.

Big puffy armchairs and sofa held counsel around an electronic fireplace in the center of the room. Tonight these were filled with an assortment of gray-haired men and women, their e-readers cradled tightly in…

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Things I Will Probably Regret Later
January 2014
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  • Telling yourself you're only going to play video games for an hour is the same as telling yourself you're only going to eat one potato chip. 1 day ago
  • Pfft. I bet @realDonaldTrump couldn't even find #Nambia on a map. 1 day ago
  • I, personally, am waiting for the gritty reboot of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. https://t.co/hA3dAkqZIQ 1 day ago
  • Radio had a test of the emergency broadcast system. Considering the state of the world I decided to hide in the bathroom till it feels safe. 1 day ago
  • 1/I woke up with a headache and nausea this morning, so naturally I assumed that I had a brain tumor. (Hypochondria is a lifestyle.) 2 days ago
  • RT @Arikuyo: rt if you want to turn gaming into a gay multicultural jerk off session twitter.com/heterovet/stat… 3 days ago
Time until the end of the world
The Big DayApril 13th, 2036
18.6 years to go.