WordAds and the Evil Empire (or What Are You Selling?)

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Sometimes our technology betrays us. Sometimes it`s just ourselves.

Okay, first off, this blog and the other one will now be posted on Tumblr  at seansandulak.tumblr.com so you can pick them up from there if you chose.

*crosses that off to do list*

Next, this is mostly for bloggers, but is it just me or does the schedule feature just not work at all any more. It has always been buggy for me, sometimes working, sometimes not. A couple of times it fired off hours after the scheduled time. Now every time I use it, I log in later to see that red “Missed schedule” text where it should say published.

I may be wrong, but if you’re selling a product, shouldn’t it actually do what it’s supposed to do. I wouldn’t buy a car without an engine. Posting articles is pretty much the only thing WordPress does. So if it doesn’t post articles, does WordPress even exist. Do I exist? Am I just fooling myself into believing that anyone else actually sees this? Congratulations WordPress. You’ve triggered an existential crisis in my soul.

Speaking of things that don’t work, I recently signed up for WordAds. I was hoping to put the money towards the cost of this blog and maybe even upgrade. I know, I know, I hate them too, but until someone comes up with a way for blogs to make money that doesn’t involve intellectual prostitution, that is what we’re stuck with. (Sorry. Now I’m realizing that because I just used the words “make money”, robots are going to scan my blog and pop up ads for financial services and other get-rich-quick schemes. Again, I am so sorry. By the way, “fast payday loans” is an anagram for “a sad fantasy ploy”.)

At least it was the only way until last week, when all the ads suddenly went away. I’ve looked around, but there is not a lot of information available on the reasons why. I suspect there is some kind of turf war with Google AdSense, who are the ad suppliers. If that is true, then Google may be taking one more step down the path to the Dark Side. Their vague and Disney-fied programme policies were a major reason I went with WordPress over Blogger. Google considers this blog to be “adult content”. Yeah, I think I swore twice and made a couple of jokes about watching porn, which is exactly the same as posting porn — to a robot. (And now I’m going to get spam for saying porn. I can’t win.)

You should all be very, very worried because ads are a big part of how WordPress pays its bills and can offer as many free services as it does. If they don’t sort this mess out your blog might be the next thing to disappear. Now who’s having an existential crisis.

Also, I wanted to be the only post today NOT talking about stupid American politics like it was some lame reality show. I am turning off the wifi and the TV until tomorrow.

Crazed recluse and sociophobe who has taken up writing after failing at everything else. Send pizza.

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