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Unintended Consequences (or Karma’s Not Always A Bitch)

So yesterday I posted Usual Suspects (New Page) in response to The Pink Agendist’s Blog Awards post. It was my intent to show that these awards are a little silly and mostly unnecessary. I think if you like someone’s blog, it’s

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These Are the Best Years of Your Life

These Are the Best Years of Your Life (or Other Lies You Tell Yourself) So I ask myself, when does it get better? Everyone always says that these are the best years or those are the golden years, but

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It’s been a crazy week with no time to write so I’ll just leave you with a few of these:

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Uncle! Uncle!

Uncle! Uncle! (or Don’t Drink and Blog) I am only one person. I know I’ve said this before, but there’s too much good stuff happening on the Internet. I can’t keep up. There is not enough time in the day

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Deadline Inspiration

(or I Never Meta Muse I Didn’t Like) Nothing inspires you more than a deadline, but not a self-imposed, arbitrary, it-doesn’t-really-matter kind of deadline. It doesn’t really count unless there are some consequences. You don’t spend all night cramming if

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Owning It (or You Made Your Bed, Don’t Lie About It)

Have you ever done something so embarrassing that you gave serious thought to trying to build a time machine? Did you ever wait in line for hours for an autograph from your favorite celebrity only to drool on yourself? Did

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