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A Blog By Any Other Name

A Blog By Any Other Name (or What’s That Smell?) ver·ba·tim [ver-bey-tim] adverb 1. in exactly the same words; word for word: to repeat something verbatim. adjective 2. corresponding word for word to the original source or text: a verbatim record

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Winning the lottery (or it never hurts to ask)

So what would you do with a million dollars? I’m not asking for myself, unfortunately. It was just a question that I ask when I buy the occasional lottery ticket. I think it’s less about wish-fulfillment than it is a

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Celebrity addiction (or I’ve read “People” and the damage done)

Let’s face it. There are some people in the world who are just more interesting than you. Whether it’s because they have some talent at entertaining us, or just have bulges in all the right places, they have a way

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Living in a Post-Capitalist World (or First, Kill All the Bankers)

What is everywhere and nowhere? Who really does know when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake? Who feeds you, clothes you and puts a roof over your head? That’s right. It’s the big, bad corporation. And they know where you

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