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I just wanted to pass along to you a great site I found for gaming and table top supplies. The husband and wife team at Double Damage Gaming are long-time gamers and unabashed geeks who are bringing the standard of role-playing accessories up a notch.

I recently discovered them after a random twitter follow made me their one hundredth follower, for which they sent me a dice bag like the one shown above. It is an awesome handmade leather coin pouch replica, the kind your rogue character would be proud to steal. (Let it be known that I can be bought, but I don’t come cheap.)

They also feature dice, boxed games, maps, and the kind of swag to make your friends drool, including a Lord of the Rings long pipe and the classic tavern mug. My favorite part, however, is probably the custom art where you can order custom-made maps and drawings from the same people who produce them for games publishers.

The only drawbacks I see are the limited selection, due mostly to them being a small independent company who are just starting out, and that the prices for some of the custom items will exclude all but the most dedicated of fans. Hopefully the range of products will grow as the company gets off the ground.

But if you’re looking for that special something for the gamer who has everything, this is definitely a site worth checking out. You can find Double Damage Gaming at their website.

Also, Christmas is coming up and I need some new dice for my pouch. Hint. Hint.

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  1. jomaidment says:

    Thanks for the link and the idea for my hubbys unique christmas present


  2. Your costing my inner nerd $$$


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