It’s Award Season (or You Like Me, You Really Like Me)

It’s award season in blogger land. At first I thought it was just a bunch of people getting together to congratulate each other so they didn’t feel like they were wasting their time. But then I thought that pretty much describes the Oscars, too. So I’ll play along.

The rules are in Chris’s blog which I’ve re-posted or here: – So I’ll just jump into it. I’m still pretty new at this so I’m just starting to meet all you weirdos but here’s a few of my favorites so far. The main quality I like is that they all followed me. And as soon as I post this you will be notified, so that’s efficient of me. So if you’ve got less than 200 followers consider yourself nominated for a Liebster. And the nominees for Versitile Blogger go to…

Random Deviations for nominating me. And you’re awesome.

The Ugly Moose for helping heal the planet with folk music.

Theadventuresoftransman for moobs and mayhem.

Wild geese that fly for creative use of a Magic 8-Ball.

practicallyserious for his ode to socks.

So that just leaves seven things about myself that I have to share. Uh, okay…

  1. I don’t like to share things about myself.
  2. I studied French for years in school but the only thing I remember how to say is “Puis-je aller à la salle de bain”.
  3. I think ducks are underrated.
  4. I don’t believe in the number seventeen.
  5. I have a tattoo of Ricardo Montalban.
  6. I’m a bad driver but I eat what I kill.
  7. I am so much prettier than you.
  8. It’s late and I may be drunk right now.
  9. I’m very bad at following simple directions.

So thanks to everyone and I’ll see you at the after-party.

Crazed recluse and sociophobe who has taken up writing after failing at everything else. Send pizza.

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