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Celebrity addiction (or I’ve read “People” and the damage done)

Let’s face it. There are some people in the world who are just more interesting than you. Whether it’s because they have some talent at entertaining us, or just have bulges in all the right places, they have a way

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Some Thoughts On New Media

(Or I’m not a celebrity but I play one on TV) We used to sit around the campfire and stare at the stars. There wasn’t much else to do. Then someone said “Hey do you remember that mammoth we killed

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The need for moderate voices in public discussion (or Cover your mouth when you cough)

So I keep hearing that my body is mostly made up of bacteria. I am apparently nothing more than a containment vessel for all kinds of microscopic flora and fauna. More of me is not me than is me. In

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Anonymity and digital culture (or Who are you and what are you doing here?)

There are times we would like to be famous and times we wish we were invisible. Few among us could deny wanting to be a rock star, a ballerina, or an astronaut at some point on our lives (for me,

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The Fine Art of Complaining

(or Did You See What I Did There?) Everyday I meet people who are upset about something in their lives. Whether it’s the food they’re eating, the people they work with, or what’s on TV. There is no end to

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