The Fine Art of Complaining

(or Did You See What I Did There?)

Everyday I meet people who are upset about something in their lives. Whether it’s the food they’re eating, the people they work with, or what’s on TV. There is no end to the complaining.

It’s like a sport. Everyone is competing to see who has the most miserable life. It should have its own dedicated cable channel, but people would just complain about the reception. Wait, I think that may already be on the air.

One of the most common complaints people have is their jobs. It is a sad fact that we can’t all do what we want to earn a living, but that doesn’t make you a martyr. Don’t tell me your problems with your boss – tell your boss. Or, even better, tell you boss’s boss. They might not know there’s a problem if you don’t tell them. Of course, when you do tell them and they still don’t do anything, you might want to start checking the help wanted ads. Don’t blame me for your poor career choices.

Puh-lease do not start talking to me about your love-life. Your unhappiness is the result of interacting with a human being on a level more complicated than ordering lunch. You knew what you were getting into by bringing emotions and stuff into the equation. If there is any mention of bodily fluids, I am leaving the room.

As for religion and politics, let me tell you a thing or two… Zzz…Zzz…Zzz…Zzz…
Huh? What? Oh…and your little dog, too. Take that.

Anyway, I think the point is we need to spend a little more time building each other up instead of tearing the other guy down. There is a fundamental difference between constructive criticism and being a two-legged jackass. So help make someone else’s life a little easier. I’m sure you’ll find you have a lot less to complain about.

Because if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s other people’s complaining.

Crazed recluse and sociophobe who has taken up writing after failing at everything else. Send pizza.

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