It was a dark and stormy night…

For those of you who are unaware of my obsession with VandalEyes, this will mean nothing, but after two of my favorite Twitter people posted shots of their glamorous makeovers for a Cupcake Quarterly calendar shoot and a bout of insomnia, I made this and sent it out into the universe:20130502_VandalEyes_Noir

They said, and I quote, that it was “SO AWESOME” and “Perfect!”, and now I have my fourth official retwheaton. I got a few people saying they would give me money for the story to go with that so I might just have to write that. If I did, it would be free or for charity, and it will have to wait until I’ve done the other four stories I’m already working on. I’m not making any promises but I might do a short story to go with the cover. The major stumbling block seems to be how to explain little plastic googly eyes in 1940’s Southern California.

Also in other VandalEyes news, you can make giant googly eyes with button blanks available at any good crafting store. Just cutout two circles and snap them inside. Penny shown for scale.20130503_VandalEyes_ButtonBlank


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