Thank You, That Was Terrible (or A Celebration Of Mediocrity In Culture)

So, sometimes I like to look at or listen to things that aren’t that good.

Let me explain. A lot of the mainstream releases that come to us are the product of a large team of professionals with many years of experience and access to expensive gear that we normal mortals couldn’t afford if we worked a lifetime. It’s no wonder that when watching your favourite stars, whether they be Alice Cooper or Beyoncé, we can sometimes be intimidated rather than inspired. It gives you an excuse to say, “I’ll never be as good as Justin Bieber, so why even try?”

We forget that talent falls on a spectrum, and the faces on the television are just on the far end of it. Like fashion magazine covers, all the flaws have been airbrushed away until all you see is a caricature of the original person. But with so little time on our hands for entertainment and a flood of options to choose from, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves drawn towards the best option available, or at least the most popular. It is easy and convenient like junk food.

However, every time we think that way we are excluding new, foreign, or lesser known artists from our entertainment roster. When too many people start doing that the entire culture becomes homogenized and creativity dies. That’s why I make a conscious choice to support indie bands, new authors, and local theatre. When you buy a ticket, CD, or book from one of them, you’re helping to foster a new generation of talent, one that isn’t the unholy spawn of mega-corporations and focus groups. Yes, sometimes the experience will be awful, but even more often you will find you are pleasantly surprised by the amount of dedication, talent, and professionalism that can go into an independent or amateur production.

Or even better make something yourself. You should never think that the art you’re making isn’t good enough if it’s the best that you can make with your current level of skill and available resources. Maybe your painting will never hang in a museum, or your blog will not be read by millions, but the experience itself will be rewarding, and you just might learn something about yourself in the process. Otherwise, you’re just singing in the shower.

Also, if the only one who says you’re a great singer is your mother, you might want to get a second opinion before you audition for American Idol.

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6 comments on “Thank You, That Was Terrible (or A Celebration Of Mediocrity In Culture)
  1. Such great encouragement. I do hope that in the end, history can forget about momentary talent and reality TV, and that true art and creativity will be remembered. I hope.


  2. pinkagendist says:

    So you’re not part of Oprah’s book club? 😀


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