A geek by any other name (or Nerd is not a four letter word)

I’ve been called a lot of names in my life. Some of them were compliments but most were not. It wasn’t like I was a bad person or went out of my way to kick puppies. I was just an awkward kid who puberty hit like a sledgehammer.

There is now apparently such a thing as geek chic. It’s the trendy thing to like comic books and video games. Well these people are just figuring out what the nerds knew all along. It’s okay to be different. Normal is boring. And not everybody likes your stupid sports team.

Geeks are people with a passion for life. They live that passion every day in the things they collect, the games they play, and now the culture they create. They have not been handed the world on a silver platter, they carved it out of the rock with their bare hands (or possibly telekinetic powers).

It was the mainstreaming of the Internet that has brought the pale, unwashed masses out the nerd closet. As more and more people went online, they found outcasts just like themselves. They started to talk and share with each other until there are now whole communities of people for every little niche of humanity. Geeks are everywhere.

Trends are fine; they help to pass the time and add variety to our lives. But in a few months or years when fashion has moved on the geeks will still be here doing the things they do.
Because that is who they are.
Because that is what they love.
Because they are no longer alone.

The only people who use labels are the ones trying to sell you something. We are human beings, being human. So if you want to call me a name, might I suggest lucky.

Also, I was the fat kid with glasses who played tuba in the school band. The nerd line starts behind me.

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