Divide and Conquer: A NaNoWriMo Alternative

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I know a lot of people would like to take part in NaNoWriMo but find the concept of writing an entire novel to be too daunting. What I would like to propose is a workshop where, instead of a novel, the participants would each write a short story (1500 – 7500 words). The stories would be due by November 30th and would then be peer-edited by the group members in December.

This workshop would be open to speculative fiction from all ages and skill levels, but we would need at least six people to sign up before going ahead. If we get 10 or more, we could bundle the stories into a collection and give it away as a free ebook (cc-by-nd-nc 3.0). If you are interested in participating, please reply using the form below before November 1st.

UPDATE 10/31: Since it was mentioned on the Sword & Laser…

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