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Carrot Cake Muffins

It’s my one year blogiversary – Let there be cake! In the spirit of doing random things for their own sakes and since you’ve all broken your New Year’s resolutions already, here is one of my favourite things: Carrot Cake

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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Pleasure (or You’re Not Going To Throw That Out Are You?)

So, I have to admit – I have a fondness for other people’s junk. Since I was young lad, I have loved pouring over garage sales, thrift stores, and especially second-hand bookstores. Granted there is a lot of useless trash

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Bras, Mixed Drinks, And Dead Celebrities (or Let’s Get The Party Started)

So, I’m tidying up and I come across this book, The Art of Mixing Drinks (Bantam Books) originally published in 1957. I forgot when and where I got it (for obvious reasons, probably) but I couldn’t help leafing through it

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Originally posted on Vyvacious:
I love the internet, don’t you?  Otherwise, this little gem would only be shared with other horrified teachers and shamed parents…and not with all of you folks 😛 Such a beauty, ain’t it?  Bitch…beach…it’s all the…

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Originally posted on Evil Squirrel's Nest:
I just realized I forgot to do my blog award for December, because, you know, Christmas and all that jazz. So without further ado, here is last month’s winner. The You’re Nuts If You Don’t Read This Award goes to

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I’m Not Procrastinating, I’m Blogging (or Why Do I Do This To Myself?)

So, it’s been a while. I’m not ignoring you fine people out there; I just ran out of things to say. A lot of people blog about their daily lives, but mine has been pretty boring. I’ve gone into hibernation

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