We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program (or I’m Not Dead Yet)

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program (or I’m Not Dead Yet)

So, I wasn’t hit by a bus nor was I abducted by space monkeys. (Although how cool would that be? Monkeys, I mean. Not getting hit by a bus. I’m pretty sure that would suck.) The simple truth behind my absence was I quit my stupid job.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. If you had all that free time, you should be writing more, not less. Well, yes…but I hadn’t really had a vacation in eight months, so I thought I would take a little break from everything. So I shut the world out, I slept late, and I played a lot of video games. Suddenly, two weeks had gone by and my unread emails numbered over a thousand. (Hmm. Delete all?)

I was all prepared to go on a huge rant about how I hated my job. I had even started writing up drafts of what I would have said when the time came. But as the day drew nearer, I realized I just didn’t care anymore, not even enough to get angry. Some things just aren’t worth getting all worked up about. All the people who had annoyed and irritated for years stopped being monsters in my head and became just people again. They even got me a cake, and I can’t be mad at anyone who gives me cake.

There was no question that it was time for a change. They say you’re not really living unless you do what frightens you the most. They also say you can’t go through life being afraid of everything. I wish they would make up their minds.

Anyway I’m rested up and ready to go. I’m hoping to get back to a semi-weekly schedule of random silliness. So if you will bear with me, things may be a little erratic until I can settle into a new routine. (Wait, I just realized there is new DLC for Skyrim, so I’ll be gone for another two weeks.)

Also, if you ever wanted to quit your job and go write a novel, you may now live vicariously through me. Scary.

Crazed recluse and sociophobe who has taken up writing after failing at everything else. Send pizza.

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