Time Management (or Sometimes a Police Box is Just a Police Box)

So I didn’t post anything on Sunday as I had originally planned. It wasn’t that I was sick or tired (although I was a little of both), but mostly because I spent the entire weekend playing video games. There were a lot of things I could have done (like feed the homeless), quite a few things I should have done (chief among them – laundry. Phew!), and one or two things I needed to get done (still haven’t filed taxes). But I just couldn’t wrap my head around any of it.
Sometimes, you just need to retreat into a little fantasy. The world we live in still has too many tedious chores that suck up all our time and energy. I want my TNG replicator and a personal robot maid. (Or at least a Roomba.)
I often wonder what it would be like to live in the far future. I read a lot of space operas when I was growing up but the future always leaves me with more questions than answers. Like, why can they master interstellar travel and artificial intelligence, but still come up with a form of government that resembles the bronze age? (I only watch Star Wars for Carrie Fisher. Don’t get me started on Dune.) The more you read about traveling in spaceships, the more you realize people are just going to take their emotional baggage and dirty laundry with them when we finally do leave this planet. (And “vacuuming” takes on a whole new meaning.)
Some dream of a life in the past, or a reasonable facsimile of it, anyway. They see sprites and spirits in every tree and stone, and their world is full of magic. But in reality, it was just really bad toilet facilities and far too frequent beheadings for my taste. Chivalry was even less common than it is today. (Dragons can really mess up your hair, too.)
Anyway, I guess my little mental vacation is over. There is so much to do and there are never enough hours in the day.
Also, there’s no time like the present.

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