Nerd Flirting (or The Top Twelve Pick-Up Lines for Geeks)

Cosplay - AWA14

So, we all know that geeks and nerds are an awkward lot to begin with, but when you mix in hormones and feelings, things can get a bit sticky, and not in the good way. No, not even copious amounts of cosplay at conventions is enough to bypass the inhibitions of even the most gregarious fanboys and gamer girls. So, like pandas, they occasionally need a little help and encouragement. Here are my top twelve pick-up lines for the quiet ones with the thick glasses and headgear.

  1. Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?
  2. Are you an angel or were you just playing HALO?
  3. Do I tabletop? I’ll do it anywhere you want.
  4. Wanna come up and see my manga sometime?
  5. I would blow up the Death Star for you. Twice.
  6. Wanna multiplayer?
  7. Hey, we take the same anxiety medication!
  8. You’re so fine, you’d make a Vulcan go all pon farr just by walking in the room.
  9. I would give you the key to my zombie-proof compound.
  10. Your Jedi mind trick is totally working on me.
  11. We should make a web series.
  12. I roll twenties!

Also, when in doubt – Slave Leia.Slave-Leia

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6 comments on “Nerd Flirting (or The Top Twelve Pick-Up Lines for Geeks)
  1. CPL says:

    Ha! I can attest to #4 working like a charm… “Hey, wanna see my full collection of New Avengers? It’s in my bedroom…”


  2. Number 8 would so work on me.


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