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Simile (or Love Is A Four Letter Word)

In response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Easy As Pie from The Daily Post at Simile (A Poem by The Clueless Troubadour) Love is like a helium balloon Let it go and it flies away Hold it too close

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The Top Ten Questions Random People Keep Asking Me (or I Want To Be Alone)

Are you an artist or designer? Would like a chance to make fifty bucks and have your art on the cover of a book. Check out my Cover Art Contest for details on how to enter. And now on with

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Challenge Accepted (or WTF WordPress)

Ugh!. Now I think they’re trying to spite me. WordPress has Freshly Pressed themselves about how to get Freshly Pressed. SO meta… And if you still don’t know what I’m talking about Photo courtesy of

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This Post Has Everything (or Go On, I Dare You)

So I figure the secret to a successful blog is getting people to read it. Okay, that might seem obvious, but bear with me for a moment. Now, the best way to get people to read your blog is either

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Letting The Air Out (or If You Could Walk A Mile In My Shoes)

There’s nothing so humbling as a flat tire. So I was driving my mother to the hospital (Don’t worry, not an emergency, just some elective surgery, but with cancellation fees and wait times being what they are, it’s a good

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What Took You So Long (or My Inner Dialogue Part Six)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] “So, I’m talking to myself…wait, how does it go? So I’m talking to myself and I say ‘Hey, me!’” “EEE-yeeesss!” “You don’t have to say it like that.” “Like what?”

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Unintended Consequences (or Karma’s Not Always A Bitch)

So yesterday I posted Usual Suspects (New Page) in response to The Pink Agendist’s Blog Awards post. It was my intent to show that these awards are a little silly and mostly unnecessary. I think if you like someone’s blog, it’s

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Time Capsule (or What Was I Thinking?)

Time Capsule (or What Was I Thinking?) So I pulled out my old audio cassettes and I realize I no longer have anything to play them on. Which is a shame, not only because there is some great music on

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We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program (or I’m Not Dead Yet)

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program (or I’m Not Dead Yet) So, I wasn’t hit by a bus nor was I abducted by space monkeys. (Although how cool would that be? Monkeys, I mean. Not getting hit by a

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An Offer I Can’t Refuse (or Thanks For The Memory)

So, okay. I’ll admit it. I’ve never seen The Godfather. There, I said it. Don’t all unsubscribe at once. Neither have I seen Part Two (I hate coming in on the middle of a story) nor Part Three (although from

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