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Robot Combat League (or How To Ruin A Good Thing In Six Easy Steps)

So, how do you ruin eight-foot-tall, one-ton robots going head to head in single combat? You turn it into a reality show. Robot Combat League is a reality/game/sport show produced Smart Dog Media on Syfy (seen on Space in Canada)

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Bras, Mixed Drinks, And Dead Celebrities (or Let’s Get The Party Started)

So, I’m tidying up and I come across this book, The Art of Mixing Drinks (Bantam Books) originally published in 1957. I forgot when and where I got it (for obvious reasons, probably) but I couldn’t help leafing through it

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Review – Double Damage Gaming

I just wanted to pass along to you a great site I found for gaming and table top supplies. The husband and wife team at Double Damage Gaming are long-time gamers and unabashed geeks who are bringing the standard of

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